we are aria.

The big idea for a little compression pump began in 2017 when our parent company, ResMed, invited employees to an innovation challenge. The theme: Apply technology to transform healthcare. Many took to the task, including Dinesh Ramanan, who proposed the concept for what is now aria. Since that day, we’ve met many inspiring people who’ve shared their time and firsthand knowledge to help us change lymphedema therapy for the better. You can see some of these co-creators pictured throughout the site. And you can meet our core team, below.

Eric Saunders

eric saunders

business lead

You may have seen Eric at the International Lymphedema Conference (ILF) or at the St. Louis Fight Walk supporting the nonprofit Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation (NFLF).

Eric applies his energy and expertise in many ways as he leads aria’s go-to-market activities. After receiving a bachelor of engineering degree and an MBA, Eric joined McKinsey consulting where he advised senior leadership across multiple companies on how to successfully bring new products to market. And now, as part of the ResMed team, he works to find promising new healthcare innovations and develop those projects in collaboration with patients and clinicians.

He is very much looking forward to making the aria portable pump a reality for those with lymphedema.

Dinesh Ramanan

dinesh ramanan

product lead

As the innovator behind the aria concept, Dinesh started us on this journey. He combines his masters in biomedical engineering and 10+ years of medical device experience to elevate our team’s capabilities.

Prior to his work with aria, Dinesh was a key member of the Clinical Science & Innovation team within ResMed. His passion for helping people live healthier lives is evident in his personal life as well, with six years managing fundraising efforts for a nonprofit focused on developing better healthcare solutions for those living in rural India.

Dinesh appreciates all of the emails of support sent to aria, and he credits those messages with powering him through the long development hours.

Kimm Ehlen

kimm ehlen

community lead

Many in the lymphedema community know Kimm from her involvement with the Minneapolis lymphedema support group, and from her Instagram account, @lymph_it_up, where she shares her own experiences living with secondary lymphedema for the last six years.

At aria, Kimm brings that same optimism and dedication to helping others live well. She enjoys traveling and leading an active lifestyle, and hopes to help others do the same—which is why she’s as excited about aria’s portable pump as everyone else seems to be.

We encourage you to message Kimm if you’d like to share stories, ideas, or feedback. The same goes for questions. We love hearing from the community!