less machine. more you.

there’s a new approach to managing lymphedema.

It’s a compression pump that’s about the size and weight of a modern smartphone + a lightweight sleeve with a streamlined fit and design. There’s also a mobile app, and a travel bag. Why? Because, you’ll be going places.

Aria Therapy Woman Reading

Sally, primary lymphedema

the aria vision

we’ve learned that you can’t just treat problems—you have to treat people.

So we’re building a better way to manage lymphedema. Our team of medical advisors, engineers, and product specialists with broad experience in cloud-connected medical devices are working together with co-creators—people like you—to change lymphedema therapy.

Aria Therapy Family Of Four

Ashley, primary lymphedema

for the way you live

aria takes a simpler, friendlier approach to lymphedema therapy.

Automated compression massage starts and stops with the touch of a button. There’s a small pump, lightweight wrap, and just one hose to connect—and most importantly: disconnect. So answer the door, pick up the baby, head to the bathroom. No more building your life around therapy.

portable. packable. possibilities.

Wherever you go, aria goes. So pack it in your overnight bag or stow it in the overhead compartment. With smart, portable, packable therapy, you’re in control.

Aria Therapy Woman Traveling

little goes a long way

  • I travel globally for work and am so excited to see this—it’s the best-looking pump I’ve seen!”
    – Kate, NE
  • My wife needs this immediately. How much does it cost and how can I purchase it now?”
    – Rich, GA
  • Thank you for recognizing the need for a more practical compression pump.”
    – Christine, CA
aria is for you

we’re building a community.

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